Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jorge Soler and Goat's Head Soup

Top prospect Jorge Soler went berserk yesterday and someone sent the Cubs' owner a severed goats head, and you thought this was going to be a boring season. I have been a Cubs fan since I was a little boy. If watching the playoffs in 2003 in a bar with several hundred other Cubs fans who felt for the first time in their lives this was finally it, the Cubs were going to the World Series, was the apex of my experience as a fan, years like last year have to be near the nadir. The team is terrible again this year, but like many longtime fans I'm putting a lot of stock and pinning a lot of my hope on the minor league prospects Theo and his minions are supposedly stockpiling. Which is why yesterday's incident where Jorge Soler caused a bench-clearing brawl, then grabbed a baseball bat and apparently brandished it against members of the opposing team is so disturbing. I remember how I wished Delman Young would get hit by a bus after he threw a bat at an umpire. 

At 6'4 and 245, Soler is a can't miss prospect, and one the Cubs have pinned a lot of their hopes on. But it's hard to cheer for jerkoffs. Life is too short. What if, hell of all hells, the Cubs do become a perennial World Series contender, but by that time the team is so detestable and full of jackasses that I can't enjoy a World Series victory I've waited my whole life for? Let's hope he grows up. Word is Javier Baez was first out to restrain him, so maybe we have some good kernels of leadership in the minors. I'd like to like these guys. In other news...

Someone sent Cubs owner Tom Ricketts a box with a goat's head in it yesterday.What the hell? Whether this is a disgruntled fan, shocked that Theo Epstein is doing exactly what he promised to by rebuilding the Cubs from the bottom up, or one of those scumbag rooftop owners, this person needs to see the inside of a jail cell. I know it's only Rock N Roll, but I'd like to find a reason to like this year's Cubs team. I thought rooting for the prospects might be my salvation, but after yesterday I'm thinking call me when you have a real baseball team at any level because this life is getting shorter and shorter every day. Pin It

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  1. Seems like he's turned out pretty well and is behaving himself.


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