Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mad Men Poem

I'm not sure if Mad Men was even thought of when I wrote this poem, probably in 2006 or 2007, but something set my mind to thinking about the type of writing one does for advertising or propaganda versus poetry. This is the type of minimalist, low-stakes poems I've felt comfortable writing as I approached then overtook 40. 

Ad Man 

Pander, Loftus and 
Jeckyll offered me 
100,000 a year 
To tell you why 
Dunkin Donuts and 
Goodrich Tires can 
Make you whole 

                         But I accepted 
                              Much less money 
                          To tell you how 
                         I love the way 
                                 You round a corner 
                               In your Chevrolet.

I remember when I heard about Mad men and Lost and I sat down and thought I could write out exactly what would happen if each show ran five years. It seemed that cliched and predictable to me. Here is my Mad Men poem, sort of. Pin It

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