Thursday, April 4, 2013

Misogyny Never Takes a Holiday, But Sometimes It Dies

Two events coincide this week to illustrate misogyny is alive and well and selling used cars in Scranton. The first is the season debut of the AMC phenomenon Mad Men. I've never seen it, because if I hear the premise of a show and can basically write the first five seasons in my head I don't need to watch the show. Like Lost, I find it to be a lot of two-dimensional writing parading as something deeper and more meaningful. 

They smoke, they drink, they're womanizers. I think you just described every movie ever made before 1960.  I don't feel any need to watch a television series depicting an era already pretty well represented in the movies. I'll pass on the misogyny. In other news, one of the biggest misogynist filmmakers in the world died this week. I'm guilty of having reviewed some of his movies and even writing about them here. Movies like A Virgin Among the Living Dead, Mansion of the Living Dead, and Oasis of the Zombies aren't much more than excuses to exploit women and throw in a little bit of violence. 

Mansion of the Living Dead. A movie with basically no plot, but a wonderful setting. I continue to watch this movie despite its rather shabby treatment of women because of the forsaken island resort setting and these guys...

I like the dessicated, gaunt look of these zombies, stolen from Ossorio's Blind Dead series, but nonetheless I'm a sucker for them. But Jess Franco, not so much. A bad person in real life. A misogynist as a director. So, one of the great misogynists has died this week, and one of the most overrated, vapid vehicles for sexism since The Playboy Club is returning. Sort of offsetting events in terms of the sexism index meter for humanity.

Single Zombie Female On Date Rape
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  1. I guess a lot of men desire a return to the good old days of misogyny.


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