Monday, April 8, 2013

The Psycho Couch and Rockford's City Council Elections

I don't even remember the Psycho Couch being in this corner. It took us three months to pay off the Psycho Couch at the antique store. We'd been looking at it for almost a year, then one day we knew if we didn't go in that very day someone else was going to buy, it sure enough the owner said someone else was very interested. I watched a little of the Michigan/Louisville National Championship game on it with a heating pad a few minutes ago, and I guess I'll watch Alfred Hitchcock on it on Antenna TV later. 

I have to get up and make the long walk to vote tomorrow. Mayoral and City Council elections tomorrow here in Rockford. In our neighborhood I thought I noticed some people had put up signs for both Alderman candidates in their yard, but then Jenny said neighbors were putting them right next to each other. It's a strange neighborhood that way. I fear The Ubermenscher will pay us a visit if we step out of line. The neighborhood watch is already leaning on us heavy to volunteer to help beautify the neighborhood. For tonight I'm at the Downtown office watching basketball and giving myself a tummy ache eating all the stuff I got at Valli Produce. Have to rely on The Rockford Blog for information about the elections.  Pin It

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