Monday, May 27, 2013

1974 Sir Rodney Roadster Hot Wheel

As I get closer to collecting all the Hot Wheels I have an emotional connection with from my youth, one that keeps growing in my esteem is this little Sir Rodney Roadster. I always remember choosing it nearly last when we pooled our collective Hot Wheels then chose teams. This was made only in 1974 and in Hong Kong only. There was an alternate orange and green superchrome version, but this is the one I remember. This casting was based upon the 1970's Lotus Seven S4 roadster, and unless you're bent on finding the rarer green variant, it's rather one of the easier and cheaper classic Hot Wheels to find, although chips on those fenders are common. 

If you want this green variant of the the 1974 Sir Rodney Roadster be prepared to shell out a couple hundred dollars, but I'll be happy just to get a run of the mill yellow one in great condition.

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