Thursday, May 9, 2013

Art Is War In Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Art is war in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I didn't recognize any obvious signs that there had been any skirmish when I was there last weekend, but apparently there's a war seething under the serene surface. A war between affluent college kids in the middle of no hot zone whatsoever and a dangerous, hostile planet full of isms and nefarious, shadowy entities bent on corrupting perfectly idealistic liberal arts students into a career in corporate design. Heartbreaking. 

Does the cheap availability of oceans of cheap beer have anything to do with the eerie lack of conflict in Lacrosse? Possibly. Cheap Old Milwaukee Light doesn't seem to have the same effect here in Rockford, but here art actually is war. And commerce is war, and education is war, and politics is war etc. But this observer witnessed no signs of war in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Maybe I'll go back at a later date and find people fighting in the streets like we see here in Rockford, but my advice for the college student who seemed to believe all out war was imminent is : lighten up, Francis. Have another Lacrosse, go to your anthropology class, leave the heavy lifting to those of us who know what it really means.

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