Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Breasts On the Bayou

Now that Antenna TV has brought back a slate of classic television shows, including Maude, it's time to revisit one of the most awesome actresses of the modern era... Adrienne Barbeau. A lot of people remember her from the scene in Creepshow where Hal Holbrook shoots her and all the party guests applaud. Many others can still imagine her bouncing over the 42nd Street bridge and feeling groovy in Escape from New York. Adreinne Barbeau was married to John Carpenter from 1978-1984. Who can ever forget her voice as DJ Stevie Wayne in the 1980 movie The Fog, or as the voice of the computer in Carpenter's classic 1982 movie, The Thing.  But for many her favorite performance was Alice Cable in the 1982 movie Swamp Thing.

Just one grope and The Swamp Thing was able to defeat Solomon Grundy, Mechagodzilla, and the lead singer of Nickleback. 

 See the horrific Swamp Golem

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