Monday, May 27, 2013

Hot Wheels 57 Chevy Redline

Another favorite Hot Wheel I remember from my youth has eluded my collection. The 57 Chevy. Issued in 1977, I remember getting this in a set that Christmas. Along with the 31 Doozie, 56 Hi Tail Hauler, and the Second Wind, you'd be dropping close to $250 just to collect those four in good condition these days. Add that to the original Star Wars figures I had the audacity to take out of the blister packs and play with, I could have been a much wealthier man today if I just had the toys I got for Christmas in 1977. That summer the city used the vacant fields across the street to dump hundreds of mounds of dirt. Each mound was roughly six feet high. What a Nirvana it was for us neighborhood boys, and we gleefully destroyed our Hot Wheels and action figures, never dreaming it would cost us a fortune to reclaim these items 35 years later. Pin It

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