Saturday, May 25, 2013

Michael Crabtree's Injury and How It Hurts Colin Kaepernick's Fantasy Value

NFL workouts have begun, and the injuries are starting to roll in. I always wonder after four months of off season how players come into practices and instantly get injured. What cheeses me off even more is it always seems to be my players. Or in this case, a player I was in the midst of trading for in the one keeper league I am in. 

I was a big Colin Kaepernick believer even two years ago, and drafted him in my keeper league. But after the run the 49ers and Alex Smith made in the playoffs, and that legendary win over the Saints, it seemed like Kaepernick would never get a chance to start. 

But last year all that changed. After an injury to Smith, Harbaugh seemed to use that as a reason to switch to Colin Kaepernick, who ran roughshod over the Bears and never looked back. He began the season as a bust, but ended it as a near superstar. I was lucky enough to get Kaepernick off the waiver wire, and to be honest, if I hadn't I wouldn't return to the league this year because after four seasons I just haven't had much fun. But Kaepernick is the kind of player that you look forward to watching.

Earlier this week Kaepernick's top target, Michael Crabtree, blew out his achilles tendon in practice, and his return this season is doubtful. Fantasy football writers instantly starting assessing how much this would hurt Kaepernick's value. So did I. 

I'm glad the Stevan Ridley for Michael Crabtree trade I proposed wasn't accepted, although I am not a believer in any running back in New England. 

I'd like to pick up Crabtree late in our draft and hope he does return late in the season. It would be great to pair him up with Kap. 
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