Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Burgundy Ballpoint Pen

Hopefully this is the very Mont Blanc burgundy ballpoint pen I will be receiving from Italy in a week to ten days. I have been assured by the seller that it is authentic and in superb condition. It will replace one I bought for myself in 1997 as a present for completing my second book, Detached Retinas. Interestingly enough, I bought it then for far less than I paid for a used one over fifteen years later. Some things just stand the test of time. I was heartbroken when i had to sell mine a few years ago because things had become very lean and I didn't feel I had the luxury of keeping something so extravagant. When I sold it I received more than I had paid for it, but that was small consolation as I slowly converted one of my most prized possessions into chicken breasts for a few months. So, earlier this week I decided to end my suffering and buy one and forever after pretend it was the exact one I sold. And for all I know, it may actually be true. I have been enjoying writing on real paper with a pen a lot lately, and what better way to do it than with one of the finest writing instruments ever created.  Pin It

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