Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never Glue a Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Poster

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things movie poster
Here's what my Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things poster looks fully framed. In soft focus, of course. One of my favorite things about this poster is that when i received it from the person who had it since 1974, it came wrapped in a plastic wrapper from a meat department of a Wisconsin grocery store. That seemed really appropriate. The framer here wanted to tape it or glue it to a board and I said if you do I'll sell a kidney so I can sue you. She didn't, and it turned out perfectly. As far as I know. It's possible she glued the hell out of it. I'll never know, but I think I may have the nicest one of these in the entire world. 

April 2015: Maybe I should take a better picture of this. Hopefully one day I'll find a place to put it up.

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