Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Street Snorter

Lime Street Snorter
This little imp is the Street Snorter, Hot Wheel's version of the Ford Maverick, released in 1973. The 1973 Street Snorter is  based on the Mighty Maverick from 1970. The large rear spoiler has been removed. This stylized casting is based on a real car built by the Ford Motor Company: the 1969 Maverick. In its first full year of production, 1970, the Maverick broke the first year sales record previously held by the Mustang. This is a case where the Hot Wheel has really added some hot lines and curves that weren't  there in the real life model.

In some cases the real life cars were much nicer than the Hot Wheel's versions of them, but in the case of the Maverick, I'll take the Hot Wheel's version any day. The hot wheel is probably worth more than the actual car these days.

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