Friday, June 14, 2013

A Blog About Bonanza and James Coburn

I suppose I should blog about something today before I go hop on the trolley and go across town. What will it be? The NBA Finals? No. Silver prices? No. The nature of pop celebrity in modern culture? No. 

I watched Bonanza a couple of times this week on MeTV. The second episode featured James Coburn. We'd just seen Coburn in Duck, You Sucker a few weeks ago and it's always nice to see him in anything. Then aI saw an episode of Adam12 where they go on a double date to this Old West town and get surrounded by punk bikers. That seems like it was a real theme in late 60's, early 70's America, after the Manson Family murders. Young people were a potential menace. Seems funny now looking back, but maybe not because FBI records on violence show violent crime has been dropping steadily for almost three decades now. Maybe those kids were more violent back then. Who knows. Anyway, hello to the NSA and the handful of people who actually read these. Pin It


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