Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Mystery of Bloods Point Cemetery

Every city has it's own story of a haunted cemetery. In rural Boone County, Illinois, it's Bloods Point Cemetery. What makes this cemetery unusual is there are no crosses or religious symbols, and scuttlebutt has always been it was a burial ground for witches, pagans, or devil worshippers. The cemetery was opened in 1836, and in recent years has been victimized by vandals several times. There could be many simple and logical reasons why there is no religious imagery in the cemetery, including the settlers belonging to certain religions that prevent it. Of course the rumor is it is haunted.  So Jenny and I drove out there. I didn't detect anything all that unusual and didn't get any impressions that were out of the ordinary, but Jenny mentioned something in the car that made me think. She said this plot, which is sunken in, has concentric circles around it as if a huge fist smashed into the ground from above. And when she sent me the picture that is exactly what it looks like. I wondered to myself if this burial plot had been dug up then re-covered, or if it's just natural for a grave site to settle this way after over a hundred years. Anyway, this is the most interesting picture from Bloods Point Cemetery. Pin It

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