Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tornadoes Still Undefeated Against Storm Chasers

In November I watched in amazement as the election results poured in from Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I wondered to myself who these people were, and if they were ever going to join the rest of America in modernity? Tornado season has started in America, and got the ball rolling in Oklahoma, where it apparently has some sort of vendetta. Although these plains states are known as tornado alley, I heard several weather experts explain there's no known good reason why certain locations are victimized over and over by tornadoes while nearby cities are never touched. I don't understand the phenomenon of storm chasing. They claim to be doing it in the name of science, but I suspect it's just thrill seeking and ego stroking. I doubt there's any real need to have human contact with a tornado to gather the data needed to expand our knowledge about tornadoes. So, I observed the news about the death of storm chaser Tim Samaras with ambivalence. This is a man who put his family at risk to engage in an activity that can be done without risking one's life. So, why did he do it? Seems selfish to me. I doubt that we need to know much more about tornadoes to know how to take precautions and head to safety, so anyone trying to convince me he was doing it to make other people safer wouldn't get very far. He did it for his own reasons, and he died that way.Humanity didn't need any more footage of tornadoes for scientists to be able to study them. Of all the things I could be sad about this morning or feel are tragic, this isn't denting the list. Hope you find the excitement you craved in the afterlife. Pin It
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