Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fantasy Football Bum Bus 2013

The Fantasy Football Bum Bus is warming up for departure. But who will be on it? Well, you might be surprised.  I don't consider players who get injured, lack the talent to be stars, or for some reason or another just have bad seasons to be bums. For me the deciding factor in naming someone to the Bum Bus is character. Self-inflicted failure. With that in mind let's roll out the Fantasy Football Bum Bus for 2013...

Your driver is Eddie Lacy. He just seems slovenly, like he'd like to eat himself out of being a multi-millionaire and adored by generations to come on a team and a community that treats its stars better than royalty. In the shotgun seat is Rob Gronkowski, who, according to himself, is the party. I'm sure hanging out with porn stars and partying from coast to coast has had nothing to do with his series of recent injuries, but maybe whatever it is he might be taking to substitute for not hitting the gym is. Dez Bryant just seems like he's destined to self-destruct. After being accused of assaulting his mother, the Cowboys gave Bryant an ultimatum last August, and provided him with a full-time security team to keep him from drinking and out of the strip clubs. So far, so good. Maybe Bryant has taken a page out of the Brandon Marshall playbook and grown up a little. 

Last, and least in stature, is Maurice Jones Drew. He's on the Bum Bus for one reason only. When Jay Cutler tore his MCL in a playoff game against the Packers in 2011, big mouth Drew Tweeted the following statement... @Jones_Drew32
Maurice Jones-Drew
Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now... When the going gets tough........QUIT..

Stay on the bus, MoJo, after injuring yourself early last year no one saw you making a miraculous recovery and rejoining your team, either. So, stay on the bus, buddy, I have a feeling it's your last ride. 

Looks like there's a few seats left there on the Bum Bus. Who do you think should take a seat? 

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September 10, 2013: After David Wilson fumbled twice Sunday night, a bunch of bums ordered their tickets for the bum bus, including Willis McGahee, Joe McKnight, and Beanie Wells, but when the Bum Bus finally stopped at Giant's practice, it was one of the biggest bums of all time who got out... Brandon Jacobs. Have fun with that piece of shit, Tom Coughlin.

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