Friday, July 5, 2013

Illustrations For The Kitchen

Jenny Mathew's Tiny Drawings are exactly that. Drawings done sometimes only larger than a postage stamp. How does she do it? I don't know. I watch her do it sometimes. When she started out with the intention of doing an illustration every day it seemed every object imaginable crossed her path. But she just kept drawing. Some of my favorites are her drawings of food. I think they're perfect for decorating the kitchen's of food lovers. This one is Sushi. Go ahead and click it. Sometimes she would run out of ideas and I'd be watching a football game or taking out the garbage and she'd ask me for an idea, and I'd say something like "How about a bunch of drawings of meat." Blammo...

And I'd come back at halftime and there it was, an illustration of prime rib of beef that literally made my mouth water. Damn these look good framed. Really classy. They're like Objectivist Poetry, just allowing the subject itself to assert it's uniqueness until even something you've seen a thousand becomes extraordinary.

I'd eat that paella. After I saw this drawing we went to a restaurant and I ordered paella and I was ultimately disappointed because it couldn't compete with this drawing. if you'd like to order an illustration for your kitchen, or even if you have an idea for something you'd like drawn contact me and I'll put it to Jenny. Otherwise, you can order anything at Tiny Drawings and we'll frame that up professionally and send it. 

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