Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Tulpa Demon

The Tulpa Demon
If one accepts the concept of Tulpa as the concrete expression of the visualization of one, or many, then it is possible to envision all sorts of thought forms that have been manifested in reality and wander this plane of existence. So, why not a demon that is created and brought into existence from the collective intentions of a group, maybe even one individual. In short, why not The Tulpa Demon, appearing to avenge the misdeeds of those who transgress against community standards. Forgot to mow your lawn? Maybe all you need is a friendly reminder. If Tulpa is an actual energy that allows groups of people to manifest a collective will, then what of those who oppose that collective will? Do we crush those in the out group on a daily basis? Indeed, wouldn't our ongoing existence depend upon weeding out those who won't knuckle under, like viruses being surrounded and slowly digested by white blood cells? Think of that next time you think then think about if it's worth it to think at all.

But what of the obvious, and not so obvious, inefficiencies and injustices of the collective will? When that person or idea that is offensive to current community standards is the very person or idea that community needs to progress, to adapt, to survive? That person or idea would be perceived as radical and assessed as a threat and eliminated. The Tulpa Demon would be dispatched, and Einstein, Madame Curie, Copernicus et al would be obliterated.

Similarly, many evil and destructive acts, which might not offend the sensibility of the collective, might actually be rewarded and the guilty praised. Bernie Madoff and O.J. Simpson come to mind as recent examples.

As Vonnegut said "We must be careful what we pretend to be."

Can we really call into existence horrible, vindictive demons without conscience that carry out the most depraved and callous wishes of our collective unconscious? The question is too ridiculous to answer. Pin It

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