Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Examples of Outsider Poetry By Thomas L. Vaultonburg

There are two different avenues that can lead one to become an outsider poet. One is not knowing the rules because of a lack of education. The other is mental illness. Thomas L. Vaultonburg cannot claim to not know the rules, but suffering from Schizoid Personality Disorder, he is usually unable to obey the rules. Let's examine his poem about cannibalism... 

A Poem I Also Title "The Donner Party" After an Evening of Reading Richard Brautigan's Poetry

"What's for dinner?"


"No, I meant what's
For breakfast."

Now the poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg knows the topic of cannibalism is not funny. Look at these people in the painting. They seem to be having a good time on the Westward trail. Coffe, a campfire, maybe even some singing. But somebody is going to eat that child, and Thomas L. Vaultonburg isn't bothered by that. At least not enough. Here's another example.

Solving the World's Problems One Bumper Sticker At a Time

Most of us
Have been living
In the shit
So long
We're suffering

Olfactory fatigue.

I mean, what's wrong with this guy? Anyway, I gotta go now. WKRP In Cincinnati is on Antenna Television.

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