Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Best Glass of Water In the World

The best glass of water in the world
The best glass of water in the world is that first glass of water, straight from the tap, first thing in the morning when your body has woken up refreshed and your spirit cries out for nothing but a good stretch, a few deep breaths, and a cool glass of water. That glass of water can sometimes be the most difficult thing in the world to attain, because the precondition is a body and mind free from addiction, illness, and the ravages of modern conceptions of what is actually essential to nourish a mind and body. It's no fancy glass of water. And yes, it may contain some impurities and sediment, but it's more about what else you DON'T need first thing when you wake up than what's in the glass. How does one get to the point where this simple glass of water is more potent and satisfying than the strongest drug or the finest wine?  That's the hard part. I find myself many mornings waking up with a longing for the very things I know will slowly destroy me. And the effort to fill a modest glass with one of the most basic substances in the Universe and merely allow myself to exist a few moments before the worries of this life begin their assault on my mind is never an easy one. But I can say the days when I have chosen the simple of ritual of breathing, relaxing, stretching, opening the curtains to let the sun in, then drinking a glass of water, are always the best days. Pin It

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