Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Broadway Joe Meets The Doomsday Defense

Life must have been a lot different in the NFL when the drug of choice was cocaine rather than steroids. The so-called Doomsday defense of the 1976-1982 Dallas Cowboys looks more like bag boys at the grocery store these days than the hulking 300 pound monsters of the modern NFL. None of that has very much to do with today's poem, which comes from a notebook circa 2005. I'm going to make one last effort at making it into something presentable. It's titled either Broadway Joe Meets the Doomsday Defense, or the opposite of that, although I'm not even sure Joe Namath ever played against this defense.

The Doomsday Defense Meets Broadway Joe

I have acquired a piece of you
A controlling interest

I have leverage now
And confederates on the board

I have a piece of you now I wear
As costume jewelry
Something gaudy and gauche
That makes your tight end
Wink at me in the huddle

I've stolen your playbook
And I know you're about to
Run a two minute drill

Don't bother...

(And that's where I need a big finisher.) Maybe I should consult Broadway Joe

Something about pantyhose?

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