Friday, September 6, 2013

I Wish Someone Else Would Say This

My partner told me last night she wished I would write more. I told her in general the only reaction I get to my writing is when someone wants to call me stupid, or worse, and tell me how wrong about everything I am. The problem is time bears out I'm usually not wrong. I've been blogging since 2005, when I made the mistake of starting my first blog on My Space. I could easily go back and transfer those blog posts, but they're generally about topical issues that have long since become uninteresting. But if I were to transfer the entirety of my writing on topics such as economics and politics from 2005 forward it would show I'm usually rather right, and usually about topics most people initially disagree with me about, and I usually say it long before anyone else does. 

So, am I writing to stroke my own genitalia. No. Because I doubt anyone will take the time to confirm what I just said. And if they did they'd most likely go back with the express purpose of finding something I was wrong about and use that to try and prove I'm not right. I could do it myself. Tell you all the times I was right far in advance of popular opinion. Show you how much abuse and derision I took for saying it first, saying it right, and standing behind it. 

Now that I try to log in at My Space I see they have finally erased all those years of blogs. I once estimated between 2005-2008 I had almost a million reads on my My Space blog. Since I started taking this blog seriously in 2011 this blog has reached nearly a million reads. All those readers either going away apathetic, or going away angry. I sometimes wonder if anyone came, read, and got anything out of it. With all the diagnostics available, all I really do know is that they do come. They do read at least the particular blog entry that caught their attention, but few return. 

I'v never had any intention to be a confrontational person, or use titillation to try and get attention. I never have written a word I didn't believe, or taken on an issue I didn't have a sincere opinion about. In a few weeks this blog will have it's one millionth read. Maybe it will be someone coming in to look at one of my Popsicle paintings. Maybe someone who wants to see one of the original webcomics or commiserate about their fantasy football woes. I have no idea what the next big "hit" will be. I just know it won't be likely anyone will agree with me. Just yet.

Soon, the millionth reader. In three years. I feel most have either gone away confused or angry. And, to me, that is success. Pin It

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