Thursday, October 10, 2013

Boonies Roadhouse

This is the logo Jenny designed for Boonies Roadhouse, a tavern my brother and I briefly owned a few years ago. It was another brave, short-lived proposition that had no chance to succeed. It opened at the worst possible time, at the beginning of winter, and it seemed every time I booked a killer band there was an ice storm and the band managed to show up to get paid, but no one dared venture out of there house to see the show. I don't really have much to say about this, I just wanted to post the logo Jenny created for us because I really liked it. Probably couldn't even tell you one interesting story about what happened there, except the night I got sick of trying to create great events and just asked my best friends to show up for what turned into a private party. Jason SSG played vinyl records all night, and we got really drunk, and two grim-faced regulars sat there texting other people probably to tell them the freaks had taken over the bar. 

Anyway, I ran two bars in my lifetime. It was a strange chain of events that led to that happening, and I suppose after ten years of working for other people I obtained a great deal of closure getting to do things mostly my own way for a while.  Pin It

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