Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love Is Meat By David Pedersen

Love Is Meat David Pedersen
I edited Love Is Meat by David Pedersen, which is to say I had the very great honor of being one of the first people to read his poems, then perhaps move a comma here and there, and return them to him almost unchanged. I was diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder when I was sixteen, and it took me a great amount of time to learn how to interact with other people in a way that would make them comfortable, so one of the turning points of my life was moving to Downtown Rockford in 2009 and taking an apartment in the virtual center of the city. I am almost literally surrounded on all sides by all the disparate humanity that comprises Rockford, Illinois. The past five years of my life have been a joy in that I've had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and writers I respect. A list would be insufficient. You know who you are. I've been in movies, done stand up comedy, written poetry and children's books, even done a series of paintings. But mostly I am proudest of the fact that I've been part of a brave and essential arts community in a town that needs it so much more than they will ever know. Love Is Meat, and the very small part I had in its realization, will always be one of my proudest moments. 

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