Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jesus Got Off Easy

Jesus Got Off Easy
   Jesus had a pretty bad day there right at the end. They roughed him up pretty good. He got stoned, mocked, crucified and poked in the ribs. A pretty bad day by anyones estimation, but not nearly in the top ten of all time bad days. Not even close really. At the height of the Inquisition, supposed witches and heretics were often systematically tortured in ways too heinous to imagine, for hours upon hours, without the relief of death. I say Jesus was a ninny. A whiner. An ingrate really.....

      Even during the worst moments of his execution Jesus knew he was the son of god and that he would be resurrected and spend eternity in heaven. None of us has the luxury of knowing this in our everyday lives. No one of us suffers the pain and doubt of this world knowing for certain we will have everlasting life. Jesus had this and he still groused. At the end he chided god, saying "Why have you forsaken me?"

     Wow. Even knowing that his short term of suffering and pain was near its end and that eternal reward was at hand Jesus still felt it necessary to question a God he knew for certain as just and loving why his suffering was necessary. I'm not quite sure this is the kind of guy I want at my back in a barfight let alone an eternal struggle between good and evil. History is full of stories of heroes who suffered excruciating pain and of an ongoing nature who did not question their individual misfortune but bore it with courage and nobility. They did so believing in their cause but not knowing for certain if they were right or wrong. Jesus knew. God told him. And yet he had the nerve to condemn God for exposing him to a human life. ....

 This isn't the comedy team I want evaluating my performance as a human being. .... Pin It

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