Sunday, November 10, 2013

Physics Is the New Metaphysics

Modern Physics is more bullshit than science. By modern Physics I mean very modern. But you can't really blame them, the very reason Physics has become some New Age bullshit is because Old School Physics got it right. Physics is measuring the natural phenomenon around us and they did that almost to perfection. They actually put themselves out of a job. How can you be a rising star in the Physics world when almost everything that can be measured has been, and correctly in most cases?

The answer is simple. Take a cue from those in the Lit department and start making shit up. Can't blame the Physics geeks for looking at the Lit department enviously and concluding that if we just abandoned having to make any sense or actually prove anything we assert, or at the very least prove it with a bunch of pseudo-science, meaningless formulas and age-old alchemical gobbledygook, who the hell is going to be smart enough to challenge us?

Probably no one. Hell, you've been educating Americans for these past fifty years, you ought to be the first ones to realize they haven't been trained to think, analyze data, or tell shit from Shinola.

So we get String Theory, and Dark Matter and Multiple Universes.

Horse Shit.

Let me repeat: Horse Shit.

Today's physics is virtually no different than a bad episode of some goofy thing you'd see on SciFi Channel. And there's just not anyone out there with the time or inclination to call out bullshit and restate the first and most important tenant of the Scientific Method.... fucking prove it. Not with metaphysics, not with invented jargon, not with formulas that are meaningless, but with cold, hard proof.

If you can't do that, maybe you should just congratulate yourselves on having done a damn fine job of quantifying virtually every natural phenomenon humanity has ever encountered, but when you go further and try to explain the spiritual world and those things that cannot be measured, all you do is discredit yourselves, make the world dumber, and make it harder to find the REAL truth.

So, give it a rest, Physics. Leave the bullshit to those of us who at least do it with some creativity and style. Pin It

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