Monday, January 6, 2014

Elvira's Movie Macabre Episode 96: House of the Dead

House of the Dead Shower
This scene could have been slightly better
If you're trying to find the movie House of the Dead by looking for the movie House of the Dead, you're doing it all wrong, because as everyone knows, House of the Dead is really Alien Zone. Because there are aliens in the movie, you might ask? No. The easiest way to find House of the Dead is buy the entire 50 Chilling Classics DVD collection. You'll get a whole lot of cool movies. I recommend that collection a lot. Back to House of the Dead. Three great anthology stories, I don't remember what they are, really, but the first one has this teacher who hates kids, so she takes a shower, then a bunch of kids show up. 

Alien Zone
Paging Dr. Bombay. Paging Dr. Bombay. He's in it, matching wits with another detective. There's also another story about a guy who likes to strangle women. As the credits roll, you discover House of the Dead was shot somewhere in the middle of nowhere, like Omaha, and if you like movies that seem like they never needed to be made you'll enjoy Alien Zone. Pin It
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