Monday, January 6, 2014

Elvira's Movie Macabre Episode 98: The Pigs

Daddy's Deadly Darling
Episode 98 of Elvira's Movie Macabre was a little ditty named The Pigs, or Daddy's Little Darlings. It's a misogynistic sort of feminist romp about traveling salesmen and the farmer's daughter, and what happens to Department of Agriculture inspectors who get a little too nosey for their own good. 

Looking at the episode list for Movie Macabre, I noticed I had seen many of the movies around episode 100. The Pigs, House of the Dead, Schizoid, The Godsend, and Blood Bath. Must have been one of those periods where my dad was hitting the bars rather heavily after work, because otherwise I can't imagine how I would have seen this many in a row. 

Anyway, The Pigs. Bizarre relationship movie, sort of a love triangle between a father, his daughter, and his pigs. At least that's how I remember it. But this chick is tough. 

Daddy's Deadly Darling Toni Lawrence
And she's got some nice cannellonis. Do they kill The Pigs at the end? I'm not sure. I've seen this movie twice now, but as far as plot I'm not sure what really happens. It looks like someone gets stabbed. I know at least a couple of people get eaten by pigs. I enjoyed it both times I saw it. I anticipate I'll probably watch it at least one more time before I die. 

August 2, 2014. Reading this garbage I wrote here, I don't even know if I actually watched this movie. I know I did, but Marc Lawrence is Toni Lawrence (the lead actress) father in real life, but not in this movie. She kills her father after being raped by him, then escapes an asylum only to happen upon Marc Lawrence's character, Zambrini, running a diner in the outskirts of nowhere. They form a bond, which is natural, as they are both killers, and he doesn't kill you, and she doesn't kill you, the chili will. Lawrence reportedly made this movie to help launch the career of his daughter, who later married Billy Bob Thornton, but never really made it big as an actress. She's fine in this movie. And I enjoyed it even more watching over two nights earlier this week. I now want to get a VHS copy and the original movie poster, which is very pricey. The movie itself wasn't released until a dozen years later when Troma got ahold of it, and released some terribly edited versions. Avoid those, but not this movie.  Pin It

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