Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mid Century Poem (Poems From the Smith Corona Sterling)

My Smith Corona Sterling
I bought this Smith Corona Sterling two weeks ago at the Churchill Grove community garage sale. I was really excited because it looks gorgeous, and I assumed since it looked like it was kept in excellent condition that everything worked. Well, I was wrong about that part, but two nights ago Jenny straightened the Q key that was horribly bent. She also fixed the E that had become detached. No professional typewriter repair person requires, just a crochet hook, a tweezers, a flashlight, and a lot of squinting. Unfortunately, I bought a cheap ribbon, so I can't use it without making a mess, but mechanically it is working fine. I'll be cleaning it with denatured alcohol and then lubricating it with sewing machine oil when I get the time, and I hope that will make it work like a charm. 

As far as writing a poem on a typewriter, I don't think I'd ever be able to do that because it runs counter to my natural process. When I get an idea for a poem I try to write out as much as I can with pen and paper, then do two or three edits immediately. Then I usually let it sit for a while and try to do a final edit. I'll also usually make a few minor changes when I transfer it to a word processor program. 

I am really looking forward to writing on this typewriter. Even if I'm not sure what I will write. I feel like just writing letters to people. Anyway, here's a poem I did NOT write on the Smith Corona Sterling. 


I am facing the growing possibility 
That I will never own a suit
In this lifetime,
That if I do it will be
Purchased at Salvation Army
And made to fit another man,
Long gone,
The scent of his cologne
Haunting my den as I hammer out
Poems about the straight and narrow line
On the crooked keys of my
Smith Corona Sterling.

This seems fitting.

I will wear your suit proudly,
And promise to never have it altered;
Instead to grow into it like
The sixth of seven sons.
I will look in the pockets
from time to time to see
If you have left me any instructions.  Pin It

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