Friday, June 27, 2014

Fantasy Football Bum Bus 2014

It's that time again. Time for one of my most popular blogs of the year. The Fantasy Football Bum Bus. 

Fantasy Football Bum Bus 2014
How I wish Riley Cooper would get on. I believe eventually the NFL will catch up with society in terms of marijuana use and amend their drug policy so fans don't lose the chance to watch electrifying players like Josh Gordon this year. Stevan Ridley and Trent Richardson didn't do anything untoward as far as I know, except ruin my fantasy football season last year. My fault entirely because I knew neither one was a ten touchdown back. We don't know that Justin Blackmon was suspended indefinitely for marijuana, and there always has seemed to be more to his troubles than just that, but once again, I think the NFL is shooting itself in the foot suspending players for using a substance that will soon be legal in all fifty states. Ray Rice? Get under the bus.

Bum Bus 2013

Bum Bus 2012

September 17, 2014. What a couple of weeks. I really have to stop having Jenny draw these before the season starts. She's too busy with actual paying clients right now to do a revision, and I'm not sure there's enough ink to make sure everyone who deserves a seat on the Bum Bus gets one. I also feel badly some of these guys didn't do anything (we know of yet) but actually suck at football. Seems like a small offense against humanity right now. Get off the bus Stevan Ridley and Trent Richardson, we need those seats.

Also glad to see the NFL has revisited its substance abuse policy, and relaxed the harsh stance it had on marijuana. So Josh Gordon, you also can get off the bus. We need the room for far worse people. The only good news is I think it's about damn time we get these issues out in the open and discuss them like adults. 

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