Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Angiogram Scar Totally Looks Like a Penis and Testicles

I'm going to write a paragraph or two here so the first thing you don't see is a picture of my hairy groin. After my surgery they basically had to perform a smaller surgery to remove all the tubes and needles that were in my body. These were significant tubes. However, it wasn't for two days that I saw the scar on my thigh. It was a thing of true ugliness. This was from the angiogram tube they basically use like a roto rooter tool. 

After all my scars started to heal a little bit I started to notice this one was taking a very clear for. The form of something it was very close to. I should have shaved so you can see that it looks exactly like a penis and set of testicles. 

I wasn't going to do this blog because despite what it might seem like I have some standards of decorum. But I have a scar that looks like a dick and balls on my leg, what am I going to do, not blog about it? You were warned.

My angiogram scar that looks like a penis and testicles

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