Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Majority of Human Beings Are Being Transformed Into Zombies Before Our Eyes

If one redefines the word "zombie" to mean less the corpse of a dead human, re-animated through some chemical or metaphysical means, to a human who had had his/her humanity diminished to the point where they are no longer strictly human, it now becomes much more easy to consider the possibility that there is an active campaign by the power elite to reduce much of humanity to the level of this definition of zombie so that they can hunt us at their leisure, and for their amusement.

I worked on this plan in its earliest form. Scripting out how most of it would be done. 

These are the blueprints for Mark Siwak's plan to convert 200 acres of Detroit into a zombie-themed amusement park. What they're not telling you is the zombies will be real, and the amusement will be hunting them. Of course they won't technically be zombies, they'll be human beings systematically stripped of their human through denial of basic human necessities like food, water, and medicine. The plan will be executed in other American cities, then internationally. 

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