Monday, July 28, 2014

All the Contents of Detached Retinas, Page 4

The following is all the contents of detached Retinas, page 4. I'm sure of this because I just pulled it off the shelf. Nothing in this poem actually happened. Maybe the apple part. I think that did happen. 

New Years Eve 1995

It gets small again
So we order a pizza.
In March we were in love
With the classifieds
And in October picked apples.
But last week I found her in bed
Eating pizza with the delivery boy.
Tonight Dick Clark orders a huge
Ball to drop on New York City.
Shit, that was a year of my life.

Although I consider myself to be a fairly confessional poet, almost nothing in the book Detached Retinas really happened. I wrote most of these poems on the porch of the house my brother and some friends had rented on Quincy Ave here in Rockford. I slept in a closet for a while there while I was delivering Sears appliances. After I started bartending I got my own place, but we had a lot of good times there. The first poem written that I used in this book was Measurements, and I wrote it in a cubicle at the PLC at Rock Valley College. Maybe I'll post that one tomorrow. 

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