Friday, July 25, 2014

Human Resources

Human Resources

Seven torsos of Rwandan mothers relieved
of their maternal responsibilities.

Twenty-four blue eyes from Venezuala twinkling
on a silver chain

The severed fingers of six thousand Dutch existentialists
stuck in a dyke.

Three fresh Ukranian livers undebauched by Tolstoy
and bathtub vodka.

Two crates of Persian tongues answering service calls
like Mina birds from Babel.

A herdsworth of cloned sheep hearts coined in the cloister of the Church of the New Science.

And one brain
Made in China
Under No God
Easily divisible 
By factors of .99 cents
With reality television
And slightly less deadly
Transfattyacids for all

Why so many abominations? Are we building a monster?

No, we're building an American.

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