Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Dreamt of Joan Collins

  I Dreamt of Joan Collins 

   I’m too good for this 
   Role she says while 
   Watching American football 
   On the couch with 
   My father. 

   I find a hoard of currency 
   In my dresser, just 
   Enough to take British 
   Sex kitten Joan Collins 
   To lunch at Denny’s. 

   I don’t want you to get 
   The wrong idea if I order 
   The Grand Slam Breakfast 
   Purrs a Joan Collins noticeably 
   Interested in me sexually. 

   There’s a spot of bother 
   Over sausage links at an 
   Adjacent table and when 
   I look up from my hotcakes  
   Joan Collins has married 
   Richard Burton again. Pin It

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