Sunday, July 27, 2014

Poem For Much Better Poets

   Poem For Much Better Poets 

   The Guggenheim Poet 
   Knows how you feel. 
   Knows exactly how you feel. 

   The Poet Laureate 
   Is a precious instrument 
   Who can predict minute 
   Changes in the weather 
   And knows without being told 
   What a headless swan 

   The NEA poets had 
   Grannies in Dachau 
   And uncles who were 
   Funny drunks and 
   Parents kind enough to die 
   In fascinating ways 
   So they’d have something 
   Tragic to write about. 

   The University poets have 
   Magical gardens filled 
   With sylphs and faeries 
   And see Etruscan warriors 
   And fertility goddesses sucking 
   On Slurpies at the 7-11.  

   The Academy of Poets 
   Gathers at the Scranton 
   Ramada to discuss 
   Retirement benefits and 
   The future of poetry. 
   Somewhere nearby 
   Ron Androla demonstrates 
   How the right seven words 
   Can simultaneously 
   Offend everyone.  

   The next morning  
   The Good Poets 
   Stroll confidently 
   With all their heartfelt 
   Observations (and dental plans) 
   Tucked away in leather  
   Italian valises to classes 
   Of yawning undergraduates. 

   We all know how they feel. 

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