Thursday, July 31, 2014

Same Shit, Different Day

Same Shit, Different Day On Anderson Cooper 360 last night Dr. Gupta recommended A regular inspection Of stool samples to Ensure proper digestion And absorption of Objects intended for Nourishment. Later that evening I read in Wolfram Van Punkblausen's tome Might and Magic if I Wrote the names of My enemies on paper, Smeared them in shit And blood, then Swallowed it, I'd Absorb their souls... So I did. Next evening at work When Mean-Eyed Joe From Human Resources Invoked the Bumper sticker classic "Same shit different day" We were finally on equal Intellectual footing. "You got that right, man, I laughed, Feeling more regular Already.

This was the original back cover I wanted to use for my book Submerged Structure, but it was a little busy, and would have doubled the cost of printing. 

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