Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sanyo Betacord 6400

This was the first VCR we had in our house. It seems like we must have had one earlier than this, but I can't remember. This was it. The Sanyo Betacord 6400. I remember everything about it now, down to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics sticker. I think the first movie we ever rented was Blood Simple. We were all so excited. I had been awake all day, and I fell asleep immediately,waking up several times to see someone get murdered. The remote control was on a cord. 

Beta died a few years after this, largely due to porno choosing distribute exclusively on VHS. During dinner with guests tonight we discussed the topic of planned obsolescence, and how in most cases now old technology was far better than what we have in modern culture. Beta was far superior to VHS in quality, and this VCR served us well for many years. Every subsequent VCR I have owned in my life has had a life span barely longer than a housefly. I was tempted to buy this treasure on Ebay tonight, but it's pricey, and I really have no use for it. Only recently have I given in to the stark and horrifying realization that I will eventually begin collecting VHS tapes and vinyl records. I'm not even sure there are many Beta collectors out there. 

I would love to have one of these, and just let it sit there on top of my television as if it were operational. Maybe even plug it in once in a while and pretend we had rented Day of the Dead, or Better Off Dead, from Cacciatore's Food Mart. 

That Olympic sticker itself sort of gives me goosebumps. 

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