Friday, August 22, 2014

Trout Fishing In America, Mermaids, and Robert Redford

I was surprised to see Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier last week when we went to the SkyVu outdoor theater in Monroe, Wisconsin last week to see Guardians of the Galaxy with the kids. The crown was surprisingly thing, even though it was a cold night for August. We weren't expecting to stay for the Captain America movie, but I thought it was fairly entertaining. 

What happened to Richard Brautigan, author of Trout Fishing In America? I know he committed suicide several decades ago, but I wonder why. One theory is that he was unable to deal with his fame dwindling. Early success must be a bummer that way. I avoid it altogether. I haven't read Trout Fishing In America, but I find a great many of his poems very entertaining, some profound. 

Robert Redford was in a movie about trout fishing, A River Runs Through It. I probably enjoy that movie more than most people, but don't really connect with the fishing motif. We watched Redford in The Candidate a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed that one.

Rainbow Trout Mermaid
I have no idea what bait you'd use to catch a Trout Mermaid. In A River Runs Through It they seem to use a lot of fly lures. I'm not sure if they use live bait at all, or what you would use to catch this mermaid. The easiest way to catch this Rainbow Trout Dame by artist Jenny Mathews is to visit her shop at Rainbow Trout Mermaid.

I was reading a scientific article about the Discovery Channel show about mermaids, and why they are scientifically unfeasible, and it seemed likely to me if mermaids existed they would be vastly different than the way they are depicted in popular culture. This scientist, for instance, opined that they would either have to be layered in fat, like a walrus, or matted in a coat of fur, like a sea otter, to keep from freezing.

Mermaid by Jenny Mathews
It's entirely possible, according to this scientist, if mermaids existed, they'd look more like the Damsel Carp Mermaid. Look at those scales. But whatever your favorite species to fish for here in the Midwest, jenny has drawn a mermaid for you. Every fisherman needs her chart of mermaids in his man cave, garage, or boat. 

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