Friday, September 5, 2014

Walleye Mermaid of Lake Koshkonong

Mermaid by artist Jenny Mathews
Walleye Mermaid
I picture all of the mermaids in Jenny Mathews's series Mermaids of North America as being protectors of individual bodies of water. It wouldn't surprise me for this Walleye to be the protector of The Rock River or Lake Koshkonong, Lake of the Woods, Lake Erie, Lake Winnebago, or countless others. 

Walleye can travel up to fifty miles in one night, and have a life span of up to twenty years. Being an enchanted creature, I envision this Walleye mermaid living much longer than that. Walleye have canine teeth, which are slanted back. They use these wickedly sharp teeth to catch/hold and tear their quarry, so I imagine this Walleye Crone is probably not a creature one would want to tangle with. 

Walleye are often unpredictable, are constantly on the move, and will bite like mad one day, then disappear for a week for no apparent reason. And when they decide to quit biting, almost nothing will change their minds. 

Because walleye eyes are so sensitive to light, they don't like bright sunlight. If the water is clear and there is no shade in the shallows, walleye will go as deep as 40 feet to escape the penetrating rays of the sun. You're not going to see this mermaid very often, and if you do a healthy dose of respect is recommended.  Pin It

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  1. Now that's my kind of mermaid. She looks like she could kick some serious denardos.


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