Friday, November 21, 2014

A List Of People Currently Watching The Sentinel On a Sanyo Betacord

Thomas L. Vaultonburg. End of list. 
For two months I thought the Sanyo Betacord I ordered on Ebay didn't work, because for some reason it wouldn't accept the beta tape I tried to put in there. So, I just started using it as a clock, and was still happy to have it. I know machines have their own personalities sometimes, and I've been making a small collection of Beta tapes, even though I thought I had nothing to play them on, so I tried once again tonight. Just for kicks. I held the tape to the lip of the VCR, but instead of pushing, or even coaxing, I just held it there for a second. Then I heard the carriage of the tape receiver rise up, suck in the tape, and go back down. It all seemed to come back to me then that you don't force a tape into such a classic machine, you humbly ask the machine to accept the tape. Humming like a charm. Picture as good as I remember Beta being. Sound working fine. I'm almost afraid to continue using it, but that's why I bought it. I love this machine, and only last night had decided that even if it didn't work I was still glad I bought it, because just having it here makes me happy. Next I might play return of the Living Dead, or Martin, or Dawn of the Dead. If I get really brave, I might try to put one of the Thriller Video tapes I have collected in and see what happens. 

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