Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Vinyl Collection Is Now "Flirting With Disaster"

My new vinyl collection is now definitely Flirting With Disaster, with the addition of not one, but two albums by swamp boogie band Molly Hatchet. One thing I'm reminded of as I re-listen to these marvelous albums is that Molly Hatchet was completely mis-categorized, and probably because of these fantastic album covers. They were not a heavy metal band in the least. Boogie rock. Swamp rock. Southern rock. Any of these are a far more accurate depiction of their music, which was played extensively in our house when I was growing up. Adding these two albums was an early priority for my vinyl collection. The self-titled Molly Hatchet is just a jam. When you laid that needle down and heard the opening riffs of "Bounty Hunter," and singer Danny Jo Brown yelling "Hell yeah," that was your ass if you like good music. Side two started with a cover of  The Allman Brother's "Dreams I'll Never See." By that time you were already a fan. 

Two classic album covers by Molly Hatchet, both designed by artist Frank Frazetta. 

"Flirting With Disaster" is the band's second best album. The titular rocker is the hit, with songs like "Whiskey Man," "Jukin' City," and the Stones' cover of a cover "It's All Over Now" making it a must-have for any serious music afficienado. Most of the other Molly Hatchet albums have cool art, too, but these are the only two albums of theirs that get it done for me. 

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