Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Several Brands Of L-750 Beta Tapes Available in 1987

I am in the process of editing a rather serious and sometimes depressing book, but aside from that most of my thoughts are about Beta tapes. Thriller Video, Betacams, and blank Beta tapes. I just bought some on Ebay. If you had asked me two months ago what the last thing on Earth I thought I would start collecting I would have told you blank video tapes. Well, to be correct, I'm not collecting them, but I was curious if anyone had an unopened blank Beta tape for sale. It turns out they did. Several brands.

Sony L-750 Dynamicron. Acquired. New old stock factory sealed and unopened. Practical use to me in this lifetime: zero.

Polaroid L-750 Betamax Supercolor Beta tapes. Unopened since the 1980's. Why? Why not?

Kodak L-750 Beta tapes. No returns due to age. But what kind of a psycho would return such a beautiful product? 
Last, and least in my priority, the Memorex L-750. These have been kept in a climate-controlled area, according to the seller, and I sure do appreciate that, because god only knows what hell would be released if these were to become damaged. 

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