Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1970 Hot Wheels Sand Crab In Spectraflame Magenta

In my opinion some of the best cars ever made in America were the initial batch of Hot Wheels made those first five years. Realism was the key for the new company, but they also had a whimsical streak in them, as was evidenced even the first year with the Hot Heap, Beatnik Bandit, Deora, Silhouette, and Python. The Sand Crab was issued in 1970, the third year of Hot Wheel production. This one has magenta Spectraflame paint, and it glows. It is an example of the combination of imagination and attention to detail that made those early Hot Wheels magic. All that engineering and artistry for .99. Unless I'm wrong, these were still hand painted and assembled. For .99. 

magenta Hot Wheels Sand Crab
1970 Hot Wheels Redline Sand Crab in Spectraflame magenta.

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