Friday, February 6, 2015

Monster's Genealogical Chart: Ghoul

Ghouls fascinate me. Mostly because there's no clear definition of what a ghoul is, how a ghoul is created, or what their characteristics are. The most simple definition of a ghoul is one who is attracted to and ingests human carrion. By that definition one doesn't even have to be a supernatural being, or even an undead being, to be a ghoul. From my reading the most commonly held belief about what creates a ghoul is that a human who has partaken in a life of debauchery and depravity of the flesh degenerates into an undead being that in the afterlife is condemned to inhabit the places of the dead and feed on carrion. How that transformation actually takes place isn't very clearly described in any mythological text, but in the Arabic world there is commonly a Djinn involved that has deceived a human into committing  damning acts of depravity, then punishes the human by turning them into a ghoul. In The Monster Club, The Elders arrive at the end of the movie, but we never actually see them, so this depiction of a ghoul from a Monster's Genealogical chart never actually appears in the movie.

A ghoul from a monster's genealogical chart
The Ghoul, from a Monster's Genealogical Chart

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