Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Original Devo Energy Dome

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red Club Devo energy dome

Costume version Devo energy dome

I need to get an original Devo energy dome. I'm not exactly sure how to differentiate one from the costume version. Why does it matter? It always matters. I think this is an early prototype circa 1981, and the raised Devo letters on the top are what an original energy dome should look like. Tons of these come up on Ebay around Halloween, but lately when they come up they're being snapped up right away, and at increasing prices. The best one I saw was signed by the entire band, and sold for $250.00. I'd be happy now just to find an original one and add it to my collection of treasured stuff.

The aforementioned costume knock-off, released by around 2005. Good luck telling these apart if an Ebay seller either doesn't know the difference, or isn't telling the truth. In my experience on Ebay, the best thing to do is just ask. Most sellers with 100% feedback will be at least be honest enough to tell you if they don't know. A couple of years ago the costume version was selling for roughly the same price as the original, but I suspect in the future originals will become much more difficult to find. But looking is always half the fun. 

Information researched at Devo Obsesso

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