Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bad Company Debut Album On Swan Song records

Bad Company's Bad Company album from the band Bad Company
This arrived today. One of the better debut albums of all time. Not sure if another band since then has had a song that was also the title of the album and the band. This was played heavily in our household, and everywhere else during my entire youth and adolescence. It's a really memorable cover design, too. This was the first release from Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label, and it's hard not to think the had much better luck than the Beatles did with Apple Records, although who can fault those Badfinger albums? The album reached number 1 on Billboard's 200, and went platinum five times. 

Side one
"Can't Get Enough" (Mick Ralphs) – 4:16
"Rock Steady" (Paul Rodgers) – 3:46
"Ready for Love" (Ralphs) (Mott the Hoople cover) – 5:01
"Don't Let Me Down" (Rodgers, Ralphs) – 4:22

Side two
"Bad Company" (Rodgers, Simon Kirke) – 4:50
"The Way I Choose" (Rodgers) – 5:05
"Movin' On" (Ralphs) – 3:21
"Seagull" (Rodgers, Ralphs) – 4:06 Pin It

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