Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Vinyl Collection Is Now Doing The Stroke After Record Store Day

Record Store Day with Thomas L. Vaultonburg at Culture Shock
I wish I liked my new haircut as much as I like the records I bought at Record Store Day. Maybe if i tried combing it. I also got The Rolling Stones Hot Rocks and The Police Reggatta de blanc. I remember the Billy Squier album well because he seemed to come out of nowhere and become a star instantly. My cousin had just opened up a record store in a huge, historic resort hotel that has long since been torn down, but I bought the album there, and now over thirty years later I just bought it again. "The Stroke" was of course the monster hit from this album, and people are still ripping it off to this day, but I enjoyed several songs on the album, and my favorite is probably "Whadda You Want From Me." I was slow to accept the re-introduction of vinyl records into our culture because all I remember is the pain in the ass they were to maintain, but now that it's become such a phenomenon I'm just choosing to remember the good aspects of what these albums meant to me when I originally bought and played them as a teenager.  Pin It

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