Friday, April 10, 2015

Pool of Radiance-Valhingen Graveyard-There Is a Vampire Here

Nothing you say is ever going to convince me that TSR's Forgotten Realms classic Pool of Radiance isn't the best RPG ever. Valhingen Graveyard was a nice side adventure. The Phlan city council has commissioned you to clear out the cemetery, and it's a rather straightforward clearing of zombies and skeletons at first. The major encounter is...

Dungeons and Dragons Pool of Radiance
There's a vampire here! Valhingen Graveyard.
There is vampire here! Actually, there's a little bit of letdown here because unless you've jacked it up to hard mode, or have forgotten everything you know about fighting vampires, it's not too hard to take this fiend out right away. Nonetheless, the getting there is 90% of the fun. After this encounter you'll have cleared the cemetery. From here you might decide to go take on T-thraxus. I'd go ahead and clear out all the side adventures first, get as much experience as you can, and collect every magic item available first. But I ain't your grandma. Pin It

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