Monday, April 13, 2015

There's Only One Place On Earth Left Where You Can See a Western Black Rhino

Well, we did it. We finally wiped out the Western Black Rhino. It is now officially extinct. Yay for humanity. Fuck you, China. Shame on you.  You drove a majestic species to extinction so some limp-dick piece of shit in China could exploit child labor to ear enough money to have the luxury of encouraging indigent black people on another continent to murder one of the most endangered and majestic creatures on the planet so he could grind up its horn and go on a sex tour in Malaysia where he fucked 9 year old boys in the ass. Shame on you, China. 

Black and white rhinos cross the road
There's at least one Western Black Rhino left 

extinct Black rhino
For a culture that prides itself on an ancient tradition of wisdom, China sure is a backwards, cruel, moronic place. Fuck you, China, and I hope you poison yourselves to death with your ignorance. 

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